Why Teeth Cleanings are a Great Idea

Why Teeth Cleanings are a Great Idea

Dec 24, 2019

For a majority of Americans, teeth cleanings are considered to be a chore, and one that is easy to skip out on if the mood strikes you. While it may be easy to ignore the importance of a dental cleaning, don’t make the mistake of doing so yourself; cleanings and examinations can reveal a great deal about your physical health.

  • Prevent tooth loss and dental caries. Throughout your life, a substance called plaque can build on your teeth, which can eat away at the protective cover of teeth. Plaque is acidic, and when combined with the acidic foods that many of us eat and drink every day, it can cause serious problems. With a dental cleaning, you’ll be able to clear away plaque build up, as well as get an early detection for any cavities that could be present on your teeth. Aside from cavities, cleanings can detect issues of gum disease, loose teeth, or teeth that have been otherwise damaged due to physical injury. Early detection of those can mean saving those teeth from needing to be removed.
  • Combat tooth discoloration. Another problem that comes with every day life is tooth discoloration. From coffee, to cigarettes, to dark foods that may contain certain dyes, and more, there are a lot of different elements in the environment which can darken and stain your teeth. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them entirely, but that isn’t very realistic; there are more coffee drinkers in the world than there are those who abstain. The second best way to handle discoloration of your teeth is to get regular cleanings from a dentist that you can trust.
  • Detect problems early. Oral health is actually a key indicator in your overall physical health, which shouldn’t be a surprise. So, many of the body’s systems are routed through the mouth in some form or fashion, and it is also one of the regions of the body which come into the most frequent contact with bacteria. Nervous conditions, circulatory issues, and infection can all be detected through the general health of your mouth. From the tongue, to your gums, to the condition of your teeth, your dentist could pick up on signs and symptoms that your regular doctor might miss.

Clean Your Teeth the Right Way

Of course, the type of teeth cleaning KKDental patients can benefit most from will come from a dental office that has the experience and professionalism to do a thorough, and friendly, job. All three dental offices are available for new examinations, consultations, and cleanings for patients who may need the services of a dentist that takes the extras step for their patients.

Last, but not least, dental cleanings can help you to save money. When problems with your teeth are detected early, they can be treated with procedures and solutions that are less expensive, less painful, and more effective in the long term.

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