Oral Cancer

An oral cancer screening is an examination of the oral cavity to identify precancerous or cancerous conditions. At KK Dental, we encourage all our patients to undergo oral cancer screening at least once a year. For particular patients who are at a higher risk for oral cancer, we recommend coming in twice a year for a screening. High-risk patients include heavy smokers, people who have a personal or family history of cancer, and anyone who has had a recent HPV diagnosis.

Regular oral cancer screenings allow you to catch cancer while it’s still in its early stages, thus increasing your chances of successful treatment.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Book an oral cancer screening appointment with KK Dental immediately if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below:

  • Difficulty when swallowing
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Ulcers or painful sores in your mouth
  • Pain when moving your jaw, e.g., when speaking or yawning
  • Lumps in your neck and chin areas

Oral Cancer Screening at KK Dental

During your oral cancer screening appointment at KK Dental, our dentist will examine you for the symptoms mentioned above. The examination is carried out visually and also through the use of physical touch. Our dentist will use his hands to feel for any unusual lumps in your mouth, face, and neck areas. We carry out the exam in the most sanitary manner.

If our dentist deems it necessary, a special mouth rinse will be used to highlight the presence, if any, of abnormal cells in your oral cavity.

What Happens After Your Oral Cancer Screening?

There are two possible outcomes after an oral cancer screening:

  • Our dentists may determine that you’re not showing any signs of oral cancer, in which case you’ll be free to go home and await your next appointment.
  • Our dentist may decide that you’re showing enough signs to warrant a biopsy. In this case, a biopsy will be conducted to give you a conclusive answer. It’s only after a biopsy that a patient can receive a diagnosis, as oral cancer screenings on their own are not diagnostic.

An oral cancer screening puts your mind at ease, especially if you have a history of cancer in your family. When detected in good time, oral cancer is treatable through radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Book your oral cancer screening appointment with KK Dental today to get the assurance that you deserve.

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