Root Canals

At KK Dental, our dentist makes the experience of receiving a root canal as easy for you as possible. We help determine an ideal level of pain relief that’ll make the process comfortable, and we have friendly staff who’ll ease your mind.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

A root canal usually takes two different visits to a dentist near you. During a root canal, a dentist near you makes a small hole in your tooth. Then, our dental practitioner removes the pulp of the tooth. After, our dentist disinfects the inside of the tooth and packs the inside of it with a rubber-like material. The reason the enamel and dentin of your tooth can remain without the pulp is that the surrounding tissue nourishes it to keep it thriving.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

Typically, you have the option of a root canal or removing the tooth. A root canal saves your natural tooth, so you can chew and preserve the natural appearance of your tooth and smile.

You may need a root canal if you damage a tooth severely. You could also require a root canal if you have a deep cavity or experience problems from a filling.

Why Choose KK Dental?

At KK Dental, a dentist performs root canals using their expertise in endodontics. Our dentist assesses your tooth thoroughly to make sure a root canal is your last resort and educates you about the benefits and downfalls of choosing a root canal over having a tooth removed.

Generally, you receive a local anesthetic applied to the nearby region. A dentist near want numbs the surrounding tissue because that’s where you’ll experience pain since the nerve of the tooth is already dead.

How to Care for Your Tooth After a Root Canal

Immediately proceeding a root canal, you should avoid eating hard food. Eating hard food could damage your tooth because it’s not as strong as it once was.

You take care of a tooth that had a root canal just as you would your other teeth. You must brush twice per day and floss once.

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