Sinus Lift

When you think of the word lift, most commonly, people think of lifting weights, a facelift, yet not too many people have ever heard of a sinus lift.
Sinus lifts are surgical procedures performed by the professionals at KK Dental, designed to lift the sinuses up away from the upper jaw bone cavity to make room for procedures such as dental implants.

How Is This Surgery Performed?

During the sinus lift, an oral surgeon cuts the gum tissue near the back of the mouth, making sure to expose the appropriate amount of bone. Behind this incision, membrane lining the sinus is pushed up and away from the jaw, in turn leaving more room in the upper part of your mouth. Most sinus lifts are done in conjunction with bone graft material to be packed into a space where the sinus was. After the bone graft has been placed, your mouth is then stitched back together and implants can be placed months after depending on how long it takes for your mouth to heal.

When Might I Need It?

At a dental consultation here, a member of our highly-trained team will do a physical examination and take x-rays in order to make sure that the jaw and facial structure in question is the appropriate candidate for sinus lift surgery. A few reasons you may be an appropriate candidate include:

  • Experiencing significant bone loss because of periodontal disease.
  • If the sinus cavity is naturally too close to your upper jaw.
  • If your molars need some added bone density in order to make you an appropriate candidate for other restorative solutions.

Consult the Experts at KK Dental

To find out more information about sinus lifts, feel free to contact our office. At KK Dental their highly trained team works together with you in order to keep you educated and on top of all dental conditions that may be worrying you.

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