For an adult, an extractions can feel like the end of the world. Nobody wants to lose one of their permanent teeth, and it often feels like a personal failing when disaster strikes.

However, there are many reasons why someone might need to have an extractions, and KK Dental intends to be there to help.

Why Does Someone Need an Extractions?

When a tooth needs to be removed, it is because the structure cannot be saved using traditional methods like a filling or a crown. In these cases, the most common cause of deterioration is decay or infection caused by poor oral hygiene. This could mean an individual did not brush or floss on a regular basis, but it could also be the cause of genetics.

Another occurrence that causes a tooth to lose its structural integrity is when there is a physical injury that breaks or fractures it. Dentists do as much as possible to save the natural tooth, but it isn’t always practical.

How Extractions Works

Extractions is one of the most straightforward procedures a dentist can perform. After the site is numbed using a local anesthetic, special pliers are used for grabbing the tooth. The dentist gently moves it back and forth, helping it wiggle out of its set position in the jawbone and slide up through the gums. Once removed, the extractions site is sanitized and might require stitches that disintegrate over time. These stitches facilitate the healing of the soft tissue.

If the tooth is impacted, the process is more complicated. An impacted tooth is one that failed to emerge from the gum tissue, and sometimes even the bone. When this occurs, the dentist needs to cut through the gums and bone to reach the tooth and carefully pull it out. Because the gums might need to be cut, stitches are used to help the site heal.


After extractions, patients can typically resume regular activities. The main thing that troubles patients is becoming used to the gap in their teeth. To help, KK Dental offers solutions like implants to replace the lost tooth.

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