Bone Grafting

When teeth are missing, the underlying bone will atrophy or reabsorb over time. As a result, the remaining jawbone is no longer suitable for the placement of implants. In these cases, the patients are ruled out as candidates for dental implants. Call KK Dental to schedule a consultation to determine if implants are right for you.

However, today, we do have the ability to regenerate bone. This allows us to not only place implants properly, but it also allows us to restore aesthetic appearance and mouth function.

Bone grafting can build up areas with inadequate bone due to previous injuries, extractions, or gum disease. The grafting material is taken either from the patient’s own body or from a tissue bank. A sinus augmentation at KK Dental is also done to add bone to the posterior upper jaw. Also, special dissolvable membranes may be used to protect the grafting material and encourage regeneration. This is called guided tissue regeneration or guided bone regeneration.

Bone Grafts at KK Dental

Typically, your dentist will perform a bone graft to repair a jaw defect. These problems may arise after dental trauma, congenital disability, or tumor surgery. A patient’s bone is often used to repair a large defect. This material is harvested from several sites, depending on the size of the defect. The hip, lateral knee, and skull are commonly used sites. Bone grafting is usually performed in a hospital. The procedure will require an inpatient stay.

Allograft material is used in most cases to implement bone grafts for implant placement. This is bone derived from cadavers. It is used to help patients grow new bone. It is very safe and effective. Synthetic man-made materials also stimulate bone growth at the surgical site. In addition, we can also use factors from a patient’s blood to promote and accelerate bone formation in the affected areas.

Bone grafting is performed at KK Dental under IV sedation or general anesthesia. After discharge, bed rest for one day is recommended, and limited physical activity for one week.

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