Endodontic Retreatment

While root canal treatments are ideally meant to be permanent fixes to a dental problem, there are instances when the problem recurs. After a root canal procedure, you may find yourself experiencing pain in your affected tooth. You shouldn’t feel any pain in a tooth that has undergone endodontic—or root canal—treatment. As such, any instances of pain demand that you book an appointment for what is known as endodontic retreatment. Endodontic retreatment, as the name suggests, is the additional treatment that our dentist performs to facilitate the healing of your affected tooth.

KK Dental offers endodontic retreatment to patients facing various complications with their treated teeth. We know that returning for additional procedures after root canal therapy isn’t anybody’s idea of a cruise—and that’s why we have created a safe and comforting environment in our dental office, complete with a dentist who prioritizes the well-being of our patients.

Who Needs Endodontic Retreatment?

You require endodontic retreatment if your tooth hasn’t fully healed within the stipulated period after receiving a root canal treatment. There are different reasons why a tooth may not heal properly after endodontic treatment. These include:

  • Your root canals weren’t adequately treated during your first procedure because they’re too curved or too narrow
  • You took too long to get a crown after your root canal treatment, thus exposing your root canals to further contamination
  • The dental crown placed after your root canal treatment didn’t adequately prevent salivary contamination

Sometimes, a tooth may heal properly after a root canal treatment, only for further issues to arise down the road. For instance, if you experience decay post-treatment, the bacteria from your cavities may infect your treated tooth. Tooth fracturing may also negatively impact an already healed tooth. In all of these instances, you must book an endodontic retreatment appointment with KK Dental to save your tooth.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Our dentist will perform a thorough examination, as well as ask you pertinent questions to determine whether endodontic treatment is right for you. If you’re a suitable candidate for retreatment, the dentist will remove your restorations and the canal filling material to reopen your tooth. After this, the dentist will thoroughly clean and disinfect your canals while keeping an eye out for any spots that were missed during your initial treatment. Depending on your unique situation, for instance, if your canals are too narrow or heavily blocked, our dentist may recommend root end surgery—also known as an apicoectomy.

If you’re experiencing complications after endodontic therapy, don’t suffer in silence—give KK Dental a call today to schedule your endodontic retreatment.

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