Apicoectomy is the surgical removal of the end or apex of a tooth root. Sometimes referred to as root end surgery or endodontic surgery, an apicoectomy is necessary when an infection has recurred after a root canal treatment. Apicoectomy is the best alternative to removing a natural tooth that hasn’t responded to endodontic therapy as expected.

If your tooth hasn’t healed after a root canal treatment, give KK Dental a call today. Our dentist will evaluate your unique case and determine whether you’d benefit from endodontic retreatment—which includes apicoectomy for the more severe cases.

Who Needs Apicoectomy?

When infection recurs in a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, it could mean one of several things. Sometimes, the healing process doesn’t go as planned because your initial treatment didn’t entirely remove the infected pulp. Sometimes a tooth doesn’t heal because the root canals are too curved or narrow, and the dentist wasn’t able to reach some hidden areas. An infection may also recur if the tooth is exposed to further contamination, for example, if you take too long to get your dental crowns. If there’s a fracture near your root’s apex, inflammation may continue after a root canal treatment.

In all of these cases mentioned above, apicoectomy allows the patient to save a tooth that would otherwise not be saved using non-surgical means.

What Happens During Your Apicoectomy Procedure at KK Dental?

KK Dental offers a variety of anesthesia options to our patients to minimize pain and discomfort during the apicoectomy procedure. After our dentist determines that you’re a good fit for the surgery, an incision is made in your gums next to the affected tooth. Through this incision, the dentist accesses your tooth’s root and removes it. The apex of the root is after that sealed using dental filling. Finally, the dentist closes the incision in your gum using a few stitches. Over a few months, your gum tissue and the surrounding bone is expected to heal and return to normal.

Depending on the complexity of a case, an apicoectomy can last anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes. Afterward, you may experience mild to moderate soreness, but this should go away after a while—within a day, you’ll be able to resume normal activities.

Do you have a stubborn tooth that has refused to heal after a root canal treatment? Are you considering extracting the tooth? You may be a suitable candidate for an apicoectomy. Give KK Dental a call today to find out.

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