Dental Emergencies and Necessary Treatment

Dental Emergencies and Necessary Treatment

Dec 24, 2019

First, don’t panic. Stress and anxiety can actually make things worse in terms of physical pain and response time. Try to stay as calm as possible in your every Dental Emergencies, and consider your current situation:

  • Severe pain, inflammation: You most likely have an infection in the vital pulp of your teeth, which indeed would require emergency care. The typical course of action would be to prescribe antibiotics in these situations, but it’s also possible for the dentist to relieve any build up or pressure in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Swelling in the jaw, neck, or cheek. Never ignore these symptoms. This is often when an infection is getting to a serious concern. You will also likely get antibiotics to combat the infection, but there could be solutions to provide temporary relief as well. Remember that the swelling and inflammation of an infection are what’s keeping your body safe from the infection’s spread. Don’t try to just reduce the inflammation or swelling without curing the underlying problem.
  • Broken teeth. Teeth can break through a number of different circumstances and actions. Try to preserve any tooth that’s been knocked out. See us at KK Dental Center if you’ve lost a filling, don’t bother trying to place it back in yourself.
  • Damaged dental work. This may or may not be an emergency depending on the situation, but if you’re looking at damage to a crown or bridge, it likely is something that you will want emergency care for. Dental implants in particular should be examined by the dentist.

Emergency care can be a very effective way to stop a painful situation from getting far worse. In every Dental Emergencies cases where patients don’t seek dental care, there’s always a risk of further infection, which could lead to health complications. There have been stories of people suffering with dental abscesses that end up requiring serious medical treatment at the hospital, all because they didn’t get seen soon enough.

Contact us at KK Dental Center if you’ve got an emergency situation, or even if you believe it could be an emergency but aren’t sure. We’ll advise you from there.

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