Importance of Regular Check up and Cleaning

Importance of Regular Check up and Cleaning

Dec 24, 2019

Many of us think that our teeth are in healthy and good shape, but a regular visit to the dentist is an essential task. Diseases and problems come mostly uninvited so, prevention is better than a cure. Avoiding earlier problems is a wise way out of dental problems. It might avoid the hassle of extraction or filling or root canal therapy.

A visit the dentist just twice in a year is a safe and easy way to maintain oral health.

What are things that a dentist check?

  1. Exposure of the Dentine or the significant softening of the Enamel which are the early signals of a future cavity.
  2. Impending gum disease or Periodontitis will be identified when the dentist will be checking for swelling or impalement in gums. Suitable medicines will be prescribed in accordance with the magnitude of swelling or implement of the gums.
  3. Training to detect abnormal impalement or discolouration of gums or suspicious lumps has also been imparted to the dentists. These signs cannot be ignored as these are the initial signs of Oral Cancer
  4. A biopsy will be done to detect underlying Oral Cancer (if any) and an X-Ray of the underlying jaw bone will be done to check for any other underlying issues such as calcium deficiency in tooth or bone loss.

Dental Cleaning

A thorough dental clean up is essential to cleanse the hard to access areas in the mouth. The accumulated plaque and tartar can be cleaned easily through professional dental cleaning processes. A clean mouth is a fundamental step to avoid oral problems.

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