Must-Have dental Products in Your Bathroom

Must-Have dental Products in Your Bathroom

Nov 01, 2022

Your oral health plays a crucial role in your nutrition and overall health. Good oral hygiene habits are the best way to keep your smile healthy and fully functional. These habits can involve brushing and flossing daily and routine dental checkups and cleanings every six months. Regarding keeping your mouth clean at home, below are some essential oral products in your bathroom.

  • Toothbrush

A toothbrush is perhaps one of the most common and essential oral tools in everyone’s bathroom. Your defense against bacterial plaque and tartar helps prevent cavities and gum disease. Most dental experts recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush that’s gentle to your teeth and gums. While some might consider them highly-priced, electric toothbrushes tend to be more thorough than the average toothbrush.

Be sure to avoid hard-bristled and large-headed toothbrushes. A large-headed toothbrush might make it difficult to clean your back teeth, increasing your risk of developing cavities. Similarly, a hard-bristled toothbrush can erode the tooth enamel and irritate the gums, causing tooth decay and gum disease. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice daily, and replace the brush after three months or as soon as you notice any wear and tear.

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another common product in the bathroom. Most of us are overwhelmed about which toothpaste to buy based on the brands, flavors, and features. As a rule of thumb, you should always go for fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride is essential to remineralize and strengthen the teeth and protect them from cavities. It can also help reduce teeth sensitivity. Avoid fluoridated toothpaste for children below three years. Suppose your teeth have turned dull, and you want to whiten them. In that case, you can go for toothpaste with whitening ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, hydrated aluminum oxides, and magnesium carbonate.

  • Dental floss

Dental floss is another must-have dental product for good oral hygiene. While some people don’t find it necessary, flossing at least once daily helps to remove debris trapped between teeth that you can’t reach with a toothbrush. It helps to prevent the buildup of bacterial plaque and tartar, reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You can choose a standard dental, electric, or floss pick.

  • Mouthwash

Unfortunately, most people don’t see the value of mouthwash. According to the ADA, mouthwash has numerous benefits that help to keep your mouth clean and disease-free. For instance, mouthwashes can help freshen your breath, reduce sensitivity, fight cavities and decay, whiten teeth, and reduce bacterial plaque. You can consult your dentist about the right mouthwashes based on oral needs. Please note that mouthwashes shouldn’t be an alternative to brushing and flossing. It’s simply a great addition to keep your smile healthy.

  • Storage

Storing your oral products in a clean, dry, cool, and vented container is essential to reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination. For instance, you should keep your toothbrush away from the toilet.

Important oral hygiene tips

Along with the oral products we’ve discussed above, use the tips below to promote a healthy and beautiful smile:

  • Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue twice daily. Brush for at least two minutes each time.
  • Floss at least once daily
  • Visit our dental office in Edison for routine dental cleanings and checkups.
  • Eat healthy foods rich in essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Always stay hydrated.
  • Seek prompt treatment for existing oral problems.
  • Get regular fluoride treatments.
  • Avoid or limit sugary, acidic, chewy, and hard foods and drinks. They can cause tooth damage, leading to decay and tooth loss.
  • Avoid or limit highly pigmented food items to avoid staining teeth.
  • Avoid tobacco products. Smoking increases your risk of oral concerns like gum disease and certain oral cancer.

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