Why it is important to get Crown after Root Canal

Why it is important to get Crown after Root Canal

Dec 24, 2019

Restore a Fragile Tooth

A tooth is tentative to be fragile after a root canal therapy since there is a process of drilling into the roots of the tooth to gain access to the infection. Plus we also find the tooth becoming weak from the cavity or infection before the root canal procedure and it is clear that the natural crown will not remain as strong as before. Daily exposure like biting and drinking can cause damage. So we suggest a permanent dental crown that will cover this tooth taking it much stronger for everyday use and preventing fractures or chips.

To Protect a Tooth from Sensitivity

Even after your root canal procedoure, there may be some nerves that become extra sensitive to temperature and touch. This can quickly get frustrating as patients would be exposed to hyper sensivity on tooth and gums , this is another reason to we recomend to cover the tooth after surgery with a dental crown.

To Keep a Natural-Looking Color

Immediately after root canal treatment, some teeth go through changes in colour. In case a tooth looks discoloured or appears Gray-scaled, a dental crown will be able to provide a more natural appearance and whiteness to match the other teeth.

To Keep a Tooth Safe from Infection

Infection and contamination pose a greater threat and risk to the surface of the tooth after root canal therapy. As a preventive measure for recontamination, a dental crown will be placed atop the tooth to seal it thereby cutting off harmful leakage so that you need not have your tooth extracted. This process is also known as a failed root canal treatment.

Backup Security

Mostly teeth that go through a root canal therapy have had a cavity earlier. A tooth which has gone through significant decays earlier must not be sealed with a filling. Fillings provide temporary protection which is not enough for a vulnerable tooth with a history of decay. Tooth with fillings have suffered visibly extensive decay previously, was chipped or fractured preceding the root canal treatment, should most definitely be restored and protected with a dental crown.

Receiving a dental crown or another form of restoration of the tooth should not be delayed prior to the root canal therapy. The susceptibility to damage of the tooth has increased now and should not be left at such a vulnerable state.

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