Why do you need a Dental night guard

Why do you need a Dental night guard

Dec 24, 2019

What is Bruxism?

While sleep our body undergoes many involuntary actions. A big example of such involuntary action is Bruxism i.e. teeth grinding which is one of the implications of stress or other psychological distress.

These teeth grinding causes the jaw muscles to overwork which may cause muscle tenderness around the jawline and gums which may cause headaches, soreness and can also lead to infection or damage of tooth nerve. Rapid tooth loss, gum recession, and TMJ disorders also count among many other issues that could be caused by bruxism.

How to prevent Bruxism?

Out of all the other ways to prevent Bruxism, the simplest and most effective solution is using Night Guard (mouth guard).

Night mouth guards are oral devices that people usually wear at night to avoid any kind of damage taken from bruxism. It also reduces strain from grinding teeth and as a result, eradicates the experience of headache and grogginess after waking up.

How to get a Night mouth guard?

Getting a night guard is not much of hassle. Contact us to get your night guard at reasonable prices.

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