What Should You Do if You Have a Dental Emergency?

What Should You Do if You Have a Dental Emergency?

Dec 24, 2019

Dental emergencies can be unsettling, to say the least. Most will appear as incredible amounts of pain in one or more teeth, and may be accompanied by fever or other signs of infection. If they are severe enough, they can even cause dizziness, inability to walk or stand, and more. Here are a few steps that you should remember, should you find yourself in an emergency situation:

  • Stay calm. This is good advice for any emergency, and it’s no different for dental emergencies. There may be a greater tendency to panic, but that shouldn’t be a surprise; dental conditions concern the head and face in almost every case, which means that you will constantly be reminded of a tooth that is broken, of incredible amounts of pain, or even a tooth that has been knocked out due to physical injury. Remember that when you do feel adrenaline, you should try and stay as calm as possible. Finding proper treatment should be your primary goal, while adrenaline is more suited to the “fight or flight” response our ancestors relied on in less civilized times.
  • Know a good dentist ahead of time. This one is less of a present tense piece of advice, and more of a matter of preparation. If you don’t already have the name and number of a qualified dentist Somerset NJ residents can rely on, now is the best time to correct that mistake. Knowing the contact information, and emergency capabilities, of a dentist that you can trust can make a very big difference in how quickly you can get treatment.
  • Follow the advice of your dentist. Once you get into contact with a dentist regarding your emergency situation, you should follow the advice that he or she provides to you, down to the letter. In many cases, that advice can help you to avoid further pain, or help you to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. For both your present term status, and your long term dental health, you are always better off if you follow the information provided to you by a professional.
  • Don’t wait. Time and time again, there have been stories of dental patients who have put off care or examination for painful dental infections, only to require emergency medical care at a hospital. In some cases, neglected dental pain can even lead to life threatening fevers and infection. If you’re experiencing incredible amounts of dental pain, do not put it off. Visit a dentist as soon as possible.

The KKDental Offices are experienced and equipped to handle a wide range of emergency dental situations, including those involving pain and lost teeth. It’s always best to know the contact information of a qualified dentist ahead of time for faster treatment and safer results, so be sure to contact the offices of Dr. Kulkarni at your earliest convenience to learn more about emergency treatment options.

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