TMJ Disorders and Treatment by Surgeons


The temporomandibular joint is the area where the jaw meets the skull. As the jaw grows through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, complications can occur within this small joint, leading to chronic pain and other issues that affect a person’s overall quality of life. By visiting an oral surgeon for TMJ disorders, patients can receive a proper diagnosis and discuss some of the many options for treatment.

Did you know…

Did you know that TMJ problems are often exacerbated by stress? It is not uncommon for people under chronic or significant stress to clench their teeth at night while sleeping, worsening pre-existing symptoms. By adopting stress-minimizing habits, it may be possible to reduce the severity of TMJ problems and prevent them from worsening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TMJ disorders commonly treated?

Millions of people suffer from TMJ disorders though many go undiagnosed or otherwise untreated. However, we treat many TMJ patients at our office, using the full extent of our resources and experience to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorders.

What are the symptoms of a TMJ problem?

TMJ disorders do not always cause pain? Instead, other problems may occur – some seemingly unrelated. Examples include shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, facial swelling, frequent earaches and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Sometimes the symptoms are more obviously related to TMJ, such as jaws that pop, click or become stuck in specific positions.

What types of treatments are available for TMJ disorders?

TMJ treatment is different for everyone depending on the severity of their symptoms. Options can range from pain management medications and muscle relaxants to joint injections and surgical interventions. However, only an oral surgeon can determine the most effective form of treatment for each patient. We recommend that anyone experiencing jaw problems, chronic pain or other symptoms of TMJ seek a professional consultation right away.

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