Cerec stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This machine uses 3D scanning to fabricate crowns, inlays, and onlays that match the exact color, size, and shape of our patient’s teeth. This state of the art machine allows our practice to produce same-day restorations which in turn equals less wait-time for our patients.

The process is as follows:

  • First, your x-ray(s) will be taken of the tooth being fabricated, photographed and captured by the machine
  • Which then reviews the information submitted and creates a 3D model of your mouth.
  • The software pinpoints the areas that need to be restored.
  • The ceramic is chosen based on the patient’s natural tooth color which will then be sculpted out of a ceramic block.
  • To craft the block itself will take about 20 minutes and the overall fabrication of the restoration will take about an hour.



This stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This is a special type of x-ray equipment typically used when regular dental/facial x-rays are insufficient as per the treating provider(s). This technology allows health care professionals to view 3D images of our patient’s teeth, bone, tissue, and nerves.
The benefits of this type of x-ray is that it reduces “scatter radiation” which in turn produces better image quality. It also provides in depth information more precise than a regular x-ray. After a CBCT scan there is no radiation that remains in the patient’s body. This type of scanning is considered accurate, noninvasive, and efficient. 



This method of capturing images is used when early detection of dental conditions are needed.

This camera typically comes in a “wand form” which is compact and lightweight.

The camera, with LED lighting, will magnify up to 100 times and allows our providers to visualize a clear picture of our patient’s mouth. This enables us to assist them in the proper manner in consulting various treatment options. These images will be saved into our patient’s records for future reference.


Equipped with this microscope, we have the capacity to analyze the most minute details inside a patient’s tooth structure.
The magnification that the microscope can generate is up to “25 times that of the naked eye”. This microscope allows our providers/specialists to better diagnose and treat.

 The benefits of using a microscope during Endodontic procedures is locating those hidden canals, conserving more of the tooth’s structure, and overall significant visualization benefits.

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