Symptoms that Mean You Should Visit an Edison Dentist for Endodontic Treatment


For some patients, it may seem easier to simply try to “wait the pain out” in a situation where you are experience discomfort or distress due to a damaged or decayed tooth. In reality, that can be a dangerous course of action. Here are some of the symptoms that dental care may be needed, preferably as soon as possible.

  • Pain is one of the most obvious signs of any medical problem, and in dental medicine, it’s definitely a motivator to get treatment. Dental pain can be listed among some of the most unbearable for patients who experience it, particularly when it is compounded by flu-like symptoms due to the infection of an abscessed tooth. As far as root canals are concerned, the pain that will make you want to seek endodontic treatment specifically is a very severe, radiating pain in a specific tooth.There are some exceptions, however; with oral pain, as with other pains in the body, you can sometimes experience pain in a seemingly unrelated area. For example, a damaged tooth in the upper teeth may cause pain in sinuses, while pain in the lower teeth can cause pain in the jaw, or neck. Both can lead to headaches as well.
  • Inflammation can occur whenever a tooth has become infected, which is likely to occur in a tooth that is chipped or decayed. Once that infection reaches a certain level, you will notice symptoms that can include bad breath, flu-like symptoms, swelling of the jaw or lymph nodes, and more. Inflammation is something that’s easier to confirm, and it part of your body’s process of fighting back against that infection.When you experience pain and inflammation together, and it’s centered in the mouth, it’s highly likely that a root canal, or even an extraction, may be necessary. It’s always best to have a qualified Endodontist provide a thorough examination of the tooth in question.

Don’t wait if you need treatment; KK Dental Center can provide you with emergency care in any situation where you have serious concerns about your oral health, or when you’ve experienced inflammation. We can provide you with an examination and assistance that can help to reduce or eliminate your pain. Call our offices to let us know that you need care, and we’ll help you from there.

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