Myths and Facts: Root Canals

For a long time, the running joke about avoiding the dentist involved the painful procedure known as a root canal. Root canals are actually a very positive procedure that dentists can use to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted from the mouth due to extensive disease and decay. The typical root canal procedure involves removing tissue from the bone components of the teeth, and adding a filling, along with a crown, so that the tooth can still be used by the patient.

If you’re considering your options for a root canal New Jersey has dentists that are capable of providing you with the right level of care and attention to ensure that the procedure is successful. Your best option is to speak with favorited doctors like Dr. Sathya Kallur, and Dr. Alexander Kim at KKDental. So, that you can get a full examination on the procedure, along with information on the options that are available for your dental care. You may be surprised at just how much you can do to improve your smile.

Root Canal Myths

  • “Root canals are painful.” This one depends entirely on the dental professional that you work with. Your average root canal procedure can actually be fairly pain free, especially with the advances that have been made in both pain management and sedation therapy. Pharmaceutical options can even help you to manage any pain potential after the operation has taken place, keeping you entirely pain free until your body has recovered.
  • “Root canals are unnecessary.” Nothing could be further from the truth; once a tooth has reached a certain point of decay, a root canal may be the only thing that can save it. While dental fillings can help to strengthen a tooth that has spots of decay, if that decay becomes too extensive, or if it gets too close to the nerves of the tooth, any filling will simply be too painful for the patient. A root canal allows the dentist to remove vital pulp, and restructure the tooth for long term viability.
  • “Root canals are expensive.” While it may be true that root canal procedures are more expensive than dental fillings, they are less expensive than replacing your tooth with a bridge or an implant, which would be the inevitable result if you end up losing the tooth due to decay. Your best option is to get a root canal if one is advised, and to get a crown to further protect that tooth.

Dispelling Anxiety

The issue of root canals really come down to the best options available in New Jersey. The more experienced and professional the dentist is in handling patient care, the smoother the procedure will go. Also as important, your follow up care will be on par with what you should expect, and demand, from your dental health. If you’re in need of a root canal, contact KKDental for an exam and a consultation.

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