Having Dentures During Pregnancy.

Having Dentures During Pregnancy.

Jul 06, 2021

Some pregnant women develop problems with their teeth because of increased hormones during pregnancy, and this may be with heartburn, morning sickness, vomiting, and indigestion. This hormonal increase negatively affects how their body fights bacteria, putting pregnant women at a high risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

During this period, the expectant mother is advised to take calcium filled foods as it helps improve the health of the teeth and surrounding bones during pregnancy. The unborn baby would also benefit as an indirect benefactor of the calcium the mother consumes. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to take vitamins, a major calcium component, to keep their teeth healthy.

However, an expectant mother suffers severe tooth loss or requires urgent tooth extraction. Then getting a denture to fill the space left by teeth may be necessary. These are some of the things to expect with dentures.

Getting Dentures While Pregnant.

Pregnant women would need to go through a medical evaluation to determine the healthy state of their gum before getting dentures. If the gum is certified fit and healthy, you can get dentures on dentist recommendation without dealing with any complications or issues.

With the big appetite that comes with pregnancy, a perfectly fitting denture would help pregnant women eat well. However, women should note that dentures are generally supposed to be comfortable, so if after getting one, they feel discomfort in their gum or notice swells, they should visit the dentist to avoid gum disease.

Infected Teeth.

Suppose, as a pregnant woman, you experience tooth pains, bleeding gums, headaches, or a combination of these. Your teeth could be infected, and you should immediately book an appointment with a dentist to get treatment or an extraction.

In a bid to avoid dental restoration or surgery, some pregnant women would instead prefer to bear the pain, but this is not an excellent idea as stress and pain are unhealthy during this period for both mother and child. You should note that you will only go through surgery if you need a tooth extraction. If this is not the case, you will only need dentures, a non-surgical restorative solution for lost teeth.

Pregnancy And Gum Disease.

Gum disease is a common occurrence during pregnancy that could be health threatening and may ultimately require dentures if there are several tooth losses from the decay. Nevertheless, It is important to note that a pregnant woman suffering from gum disease will not get dentures immediately as they could easily irritate or injure the gum. So to help manage gum disease during pregnancy, the dentist would remove the plaques and tartar buildup in the teeth.

Gum disease can graduate to periodontal disease if not controlled and affect a pregnant woman and her unborn child. For precautionary methods, pregnant women should go through a dental evaluation so the dentist would find any dental issue that could become a threat in the future. If you notice any discomfort or changes in the gum while pregnant, you should not hesitate to inform your dentist.

What If You Had Dentures Before Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can cause swollen gums, which could cause a shift in the teeth and subsequently lead to dentures losing their fitting to the gum. In a case like this, book an appointment with the dentist to resize the denture to fit the changes.

What If You Need To Get Dentures While Pregnant.

As already stated, it is recommended that you do not get dentures while pregnant when the condition you have is gum disease. However, if you need dentures for conditions outside gum disease, you recommend you book an appointment with an experienced dentist to help you with this dental solution. You can book an appointment with dental care or dentist in New Jersey by searching dentist North Brunswick NJ or Dentist in 08902and select any of the recommended dentist available.

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