Four Great Dental Care Tips

Four Great Dental Care Tips

Dec 24, 2019

Taking care of your teeth at home is one of the most effective ways to prevent dental problems in your day to day life. Minor issues, such as bad breath, and more serious concerns, like cavities, all have their roots in our diet, our dental hygiene practices, and how seriously we take our own oral health.

  • See your dentist at least once, but preferably twice, a year. Every six months, you could get a clean bill of health for your teeth, or you could spot a problem before it gets worse. Cleanings alone can help to prevent many problems that you could experience, from cavities to gum disease.
  • Floss, rinse. A lot of people brush their teeth, but few people choose to floss as they’re worried about damaging their gums. If you want to get that in-between clean, but don’t want to risk your sensitive gums, consider a water pick as a way to get food out safely. There are also brands of floss specifically designed for sensitive teeth.For rinses, choose those that have fluoride over those that have alcohol as the primary benefit. Fluoride-based rinses have much longer lasting benefits, whereas alcohol rinses could dry your mouth out.
  • Pick the right brush. A good brush with the right firmness of its bristles will not only help your teeth to feel clean, but can also promote healthier gums through gentle rubbing and scrubbing. In fact, choosing the firmness of your brush should come down to those that you feel comfortable brushing against your gums.
  • Never ignore a problem. If you’ve got a slight, dull ache in one of your teeth, it may be nothing serious, or it could be the early warning signs of a dental carry. If you feel uncomfortable at all, schedule an appointment for an examination.

With regular cleanings and examinations, you should be able to keep your teeth healthy, and your smile bright. For families, remember to start these great habits earlier in life; it could easily last your children well into their adult years and beyond.

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