What is Professional and Consumer Dental Whitening?

What is Professional and Consumer Dental Whitening?

Dec 24, 2019

You’ve probably seen teeth whitening products at the store, and have wondered why a dentist would even bother offering whitening services when you can just pick up a whitener along with your milk and eggs. While these pastes, rinses, and films may promise results with daily use, they don’t always deliver on the same sort of stain fighting, Dental whitening power that a professional dentist can.

Dental Whitening is performed by lifting stains out of the enamel of the teeth, revealing the healthy glow beneath them. These supermarket products usually work slowly over time to remove those stains, but not always gently. They also don’t have any information or insight into your personal habits, the shape of your teeth, and their current coloration. In other words, they’re more of a one size fits all solution than an actual one.

At KK Dental Center, we take the time to give your teeth a professional, thorough analysis to provide a much faster, much more effective tooth whitening procedure.

  • Results that last. Our teeth whitening services are meant to last you for quite some time, and while they aren’t permanent, they can change the shade of teeth for months after a whitening has been performed with your own daily maintenance and dental hygiene.
  • Much, much faster. A home tooth whitening kit might take weeks to even show the slightest result. A professional teeth whitening session can provide dramatic results in under an hour.
  • Safe for teeth. Not ever whitening product is the same, or even effective, but you can trust the dental specialists at KK Dental Center to provide fast, effective tooth whitening services, regardless of your current dental profile.

If you want whitening that is fast, lasting, and safe, then trust the professionals. Contact us at KK Dental Center today for an appointment, and we may be able to provide you with teeth whitening on the very same day. We also encourage you to check out information about our other cosmetic procedures and services, to get even more of a boost to your smile.

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