Is There Pain-Free Dentistry in North Brunswick?

Is There Pain-Free Dentistry in North Brunswick?

Jan 13, 2022

You might have visited a dental office in the past for a procedure that ended up being painful. For this reason, you might be anxious about getting medical attention for your dental problem. The good news is that it is possible to get pain-free dental treatments due to advances in dental technology. These new procedures can eliminate or lessen the pain associated with dental procedures at KK Dental in North Brunswick.

Is Pain-Free Dentistry A Fact Or Fiction?

Maybe someone has shared with you how their visit to the dentist was painful. That experience may now have you wondering whether pain-free dentistry is a thing of fiction movies. However, pain-free dentistry is a fact and is even available in North Brunswick.

Pain-free dental care may also be known as sedation dentistry. Mild and safe forms of sedation calm you down before your dental procedure. This prevents you from feeling or from remembering pain once the procedure is over. It also helps to reduce the anxiety you may have. The sedation only lasts as long as the procedure.

Your dentist generally varies the sedation used for a procedure based on many factors, but here are some of the types of sedation for pain-free dentistry:

  • Minimal sedation – you will be awake during the procedure, but you will be calm and relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation – you will be awake but not fully aware of what is happening during your procedure.
  • Deep sedation – your consciousness will be reduced to a minimum, but you will be awake

for your procedure. This is also called “twilight” sedation.

General anesthesia – you will be unconscious.

Our dentist in North Brunswick is well trained, experienced, and is familiar with pain-free dentistry, including sedation dentistry.

Apart from sedation dentistry, technological advances have also played a major role in making dental procedures pain-free.

  • Laser technology is used for surgeries. Previously, your dentist would have used a knife or a scalpel to perform surgeries on soft tissues such as the gums. This, together with the bleeding involved, would easily induce anxiety in any patient. Laser treatment, however, makes it possible for the surgery to be less painful while also lessening the bleeding.
  • Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas and is carefully administered through inhalation by using a small mask. This gas helps to reduce pain and anxiety. It can be used for both children and adults, and you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.
  • Composite fillings are now available to replace metal tooth fillings. Metal fillings require your tooth to be drilled deeply to create a strong foundation for the filling. As a result, your tooth would be left weak and prone to cracking in the future. With composite fillings, less drilling is required because high-tech adhesives attach the filling to the tooth. The adhesives eliminate the need for deep drilling.

Benefits of Pain-Free Dental Procedures

The relationship between you and our dentist will improve. Pain-free dental care makes you feel comfortable whenever you are at our office. This will lower your anxiety, and you are more likely to return for follow-up care.

It is the nature of human beings to avoid pain at all costs, and a pain-free encounter at the dentist will give you the assurance that you need to come back and maintain your oral health. Our dentist may recommend an implant or a crown to be placed or other continuing treatment; with less anxiety about the pain, you will accept the treatment plan, which will lead to better dental health for you.

There are many options when it comes to pain-free dentistry. Laughing gas and oral sedation are some methods that can be used to calm you down and allow your dental procedure to take place without you feeling it.

Where Can You Get Pain-Free Dental Services?

For the residents of North Brunswick and the surrounding areas, KK Dental has your best interest at heart. Book an appointment or visit our dental office, and you will leave with a smile on your face.

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