6 Benefits of Teeth Contouring & Reshaping

6 Benefits of Teeth Contouring & Reshaping

Aug 24, 2023

Your smile is vital to your overall appearance, self-esteem, and quality of life. Unfortunately, dental imperfections like teeth chips, stains, misalignments, and misshapen can make your smile look less impressive, significantly impacting your self-esteem and confidence.

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you have numerous options for improving your smile. Among other treatments, teeth contouring or reshaping is ideal for correcting minor dental imperfections to achieve a beautiful, flawless smile. In this guide, let’s explore why you might need dental contouring and its benefits.

What is Teeth Contouring and Reshaping?

Also known as cosmetic contouring or dental reshaping, teeth contouring and reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that involves altering a tooth’s shape, size, length, or surface to improve its appearance. It corrects minor imperfections in the tooth’s enamel. Visit our dental clinic or contact our local dentist for teeth contouring near you.

Reasons for Teeth Contouring

Teeth contouring and reshaping can correct various cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Minor misalignments. Dental contouring can help improve the appearance of minor misalignments like overlaps. For instance, the dentist can remove a minor portion of the enamel from the sides of a misaligned tooth, creating more evenly spaced teeth and eliminating the overlap.
  • Minor chips or cracks. Our dentist in Somerset can use cosmetic contouring to smoothen small chips or cracks on a tooth’s biting edges, improving the appearance of the tooth and preventing more damage over time.
  • Misshapen teeth. Teeth contouring can modify the shape of teeth with irregular or unnatural shapes to achieve a more natural and aesthetically appealing smile.
  • Uneven teeth. If you have one or more teeth slightly shorter or longer than the other teeth, teeth contouring can increase or reduce their size for a uniform and more harmonious smile.
  • Shallow pits or grooves. Shallow pits and grooves on teeth can be challenging to clean and trap plaque and bacteria, increasing the risk of cavities. Teeth contouring can help smoothen these surfaces, making them easier to clean and lowering the risk of cavities.
  • Light teeth stains. Teeth contouring can also scrub off light surface stains on your teeth to give them a brighter, smooth, flawless appearance.

Keep in mind that dental contouring is ideal for minor teeth imperfections that only need slight adjustments and corrections. Moderate to severe imperfections might require more complex treatments like veneers, crowns, and fillings. Our dentist at 08873 will examine your teeth to determine whether enamel contouring suits you.

6 Benefits of Teeth Contouring and Reshaping

Below are six significant benefits of dental contouring:

  • Better appearance

One of the major benefits of teeth contouring is improving the appearance of your teeth. Dental contouring can make minor adjustments to change your teeth’ shape, size, or surface for a smoother, more attractive, natural, balanced, flawless smile.

  • Improved self-confidence

Teeth imperfections like chips, stains, and misshapes can make your smile less appealing, making you feel less confident and embarrassed about your smile. Teeth contouring can correct these imperfections, giving you a beautiful, perfect smile you can proudly show off.

  • Better oral health

While minor, dental flaws can worsen over time or encourage bacterial buildup in the mouth, increasing your risk of future dental problems like decay, cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Dental contouring corrects these flaws, improving oral function, hygiene, and health.

  • Preserves the natural tooth

Dental contouring only involves reshaping or removing a minor part of the tooth’s enamel, making it less invasive. Preserving more of your natural teeth helps you maintain healthy teeth for the long term. With alternative treatments like veneers and crowns, a more significant part of the enamel is shaved off, which can weaken your natural tooth’s structure.

  • Cost-effective

Teeth contouring is less expensive than alternative cosmetic procedures like crowns and veneers. Unlike these treatments, dental contouring is less invasive and don’t require the creation of lab-based dental prosthesis like veneers, making it relatively inexpensive.

  • Durable results

While dental contouring only makes minor modifications, the results are long-term. However, good oral hygiene and habits are necessary to ensure the enduring success of your smile. This can include brushing and flossing regularly, routine dental checkups and cleanings, and having a proper diet.

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