10 Things to Know About Dermal Fillers

10 Things to Know About Dermal Fillers

Jul 13, 2023

Dermal fillers are a popular solution for transforming your facial appearance without invasive treatments like surgery. In most cases, dermal fillers add facial volume, soften facial creases, smoothen wrinkles, and restore a youthful smile. This article highlights 10 key things you should know about dermal fillers before investing in the treatment.

10 Things to Know About Dermal Fillers

Below are common facts about dermal fillers:

  • What are dermal fillers?

Dermal or soft-tissue fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to enhance facial features. They are commonly used to plump thin lips, remove wrinkles, reduce signs of aging, restore cheek volume, smoothen lines, and improve the appearance of scars.

  • You can use dermal fillers on virtually any area of your face.

Most people considering dermal fillers often wonder what areas of the face they can be used. Generally, dermal fillers are versatile and can be used in various areas of the face, including the lips, cheeks, under the eyes, forehead, nose, chin, and jawline.

  • Not all fillers are equal.

While hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common, there are various types of dermal fillers, like calcium hydroxylapatite fillers and Poly-L-lactic fillers. Each of these fillers has its pros, cons, and uses. Take caution about the dermal filler injection your professional provides to avoid low-quality and unapproved injectors. It will lower your risk of potential complications like unsymmetrical results.

  • How long do dermal filler results last?

While highly effective, dermal filler results aren’t permanent. Depending on the treatment area, how quickly your body absorbs the product, lifestyle habits, and the type of filler used, dermal filler results can last from six months to two years. You can consult your cosmetic dentist about maintenance treatments to extend the lifespan of your results. Visit our dentist in North Brunswick, NJ, for quality dermal fillers near you.

  • Potential side effects

While safe and effective, dermal fillers can cause side effects like swelling, redness, discoloration, allergic reactions, lumps, and bruising at the injection site. Working with a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic provider significantly lowers your risks of complications after your treatment. Ask your provider about the type of dermal filler injection you’ll get and the potential side effects you can expect.

  • Dermal fillers cost

The cost of your dermal filler treatment can vary based on the filler type, used volume, location, and provider’s expertise. Higher-quality and high-volume fillers often cost more. However, they are often long-lasting and come with low risks of side effects. Since dermal fillers are considered cosmetic, your insurance might not cover them. Ensure you discuss all the associated costs before undergoing your treatment.

  • Dermal fillers results

Generally, dermal fillers provide a significant improvement in your facial appearance. They effectively reduce wrinkles, reverse premature aging, add facial volume, and enhance other aspects of your face. However, they have their limitations. They may not completely address all your imperfections. Therefore, setting realistic expectations can provide more satisfying results.

  • Who should avoid dermal fillers?

While generally effective and safe, there are factors that you should consider about dermal fillers. For instance, health providers recommend avoiding cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers when pregnant or breastfeeding. Similarly, you should avoid fillers right before dental procedures like professional cleaning. These procedures can cause pressure on your face, affecting the results of your dermal treatment. Visit our dental office for dental treatments near you.

  • Quick results

Dermal filler injections work very fast, and you can see results immediately. However, the treatment area may experience swelling or bruising for a few days. Therefore, the final results may take a few days to show.

  • Pre-and-post treatment instructions

The first step for dermal filler injection is identifying and choosing a licensed and qualified dentist or dermal filler provider. Discuss your concerns and desired goals to ensure the best possible outcome of your treatment.

Before your dental filler treatment, follow your dentist’s pre-procedure instructions to ensure a smooth treatment and fewer side effects. These can include avoiding tobacco, alcohol, herbal supplements, and blood-thinning medications that can cause inflammation or bruising.

After your treatment, follow proper post-treatment care for a faster recovery. Common aftercare tips include avoiding alcohol and tobacco, applying cold therapy, minimizing sun exposure, staying hydrated, and attending follow-up appointments.

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