KK Dental Invest in Cone X-Ray Technology to Bring Top Dental Care

North Brunswick, NJ — (SBWIRE) — 07/24/2013 — When it comes to dental health, Americans are amongst the most discerning in the world. It is understandable then that they wish to receive only the very best care that the latest technology and innovation can offer. Edison Dentist KK Dental has recently invested in new X-Ray imaging technology that will give accurate analyses in true 3D in order to accurately and easily treat patients to the standard of care they deserve. The new technology can take two dimensional panoramic x-rays traditionally relied upon by dentists to give a birds-eye or front-on view of the dental situation of a client, but comes with the added bonus of cephalometrics and even 3-D scanning to get a complete and accurate impression of the skull and teeth that can be used for anything from forming moulds for whitening to planning surgical procedures. The dentist in NJ is now equipped with the most up to date innovations available in scanning which opens up their diagnosis and treatment options considerably. The device is easy to use and comes with comfortable and fast calibration and positioning aids, meaning the process is painless. A spokesperson for KK Dental explained, “The new technology allows us to make accurate imagery in three dimensions of specific areas of the skull, in particular, the jaw and the teeth, to identify particular structural problems and setbacks. These include the in-growth of wisdom teeth and a variety of other problems run into by our patients, particularly children growing in their adult teeth while the milk teeth still haven’t fully passed the gumline, causing problems with alignment that then require aggressive and invasive procedures to correct. This technology will allow us to take charge of our patient’s dental care in new and exciting ways and its use is covered by most insurance policies, so no one will feel the sting of the initial outlay.”

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With offices located in three convenient New Jersey locations in Edison, North Brunswick, and Somerset, KK Dental can offer clients both general and specialized dental care. They also offer modern and computerized dental work utilizing advanced technology. Whether in need of a general check-up, teeth cleaning or root canal, KK Dental can offer clients the right dentist to help them find the right solution to any dental problem.

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